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Untitled Gallery is an inclusive digital platform  that presents exceptional art made by neurodivergent artists. 


Untitled Gallery is not-for-profit and original artworks, prints and publications are for sale.

All proceeds are shared directly with the artist who made the work and with Project Art Works who spend the proceeds on running the supported studios where the artist works.


Find out more about Project Art Works.
Kate Adams is an artist, advocate and parent activist, and CEO/Artist Director at Project Art Works. She has initiated many responsive, collaborative projects with children and adults who have complex support needs and their families, care services, artists and galleries.
Kate co-founded Project Art Works in 1997 to explore an expanded conception of art that was and continues to be influenced by Paul Colley, her son, who has profound and complex needs and behaviours described as challenging. 
Tim Corrigan is an artist filmmaker and Creative Director at Project Art Works. He has extensive experience of video production both as a cameraman and editor. He has worked with children and adults with severe neurological impairments through a range of projects within Project Art Works since 1998.
Sara Dare is a painter and installation artist. She has exhibited internationally and has coordinated and curated group exhibitions in London. Sara has a BA in Fine Art Painting and a PGCE in Art and Design. She applies these methodologies into her approach as a socially engaged artist and collaborator at Project Art Works where she was worked since 2007.


Sara, Tim and Kate and the artists whose works are shown on Untitled Gallery are part of the Project Art Works collective of neurodiverse artists and activists.

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