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Images: Johnny Pell | Johnny Pell's sculptures in the window at 12 Claremont | Claremont window installation |

Johnny Pell is a prolific artist whose work is both figurative and abstract. Often inspired by nature and people, he regularly creates large scale paintings of scenic landscapes, life-size and larger-than-life figures of animals and people. He also makes smaller drawings of instinctively interconnected shapes and patterns using charcoal, ink and paint pens. His use of vibrant colour is confident, considered and joyful. There is a beautiful synergy between the dynamic movement of his work and the way he moves around the studio clearly enjoying his practice.

More information on Johnny’s practice and current artworks available for purchase can be found here.

Exhibitions & Residencies


Coastal Currents, Project Art Works studio, Hastings, 2022

Art by Johnny, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, 2018

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