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A look through Untitled, Window Installations

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

12 Claremont is a community asset transfer between East Sussex County Council and Heart of Hastings. Heart of Hastings plan to renovate the building into an explicitly inclusive, creative and affordable neighbourhood hub for living, working and community action. In partnership with Heart of Hastings, Project Art Works will transform the ground floor of this building into Untitled Gallery.

While the building awaits renovation, Myself, Sara Dare (Gallery and Production Coordinator) and Tom Lepora (Technician and artist facilitator) have spent many dusty days installing a series of exhibitions using the window alone.

Each exhibition install has brought it's own challenges including broken windows and blown sockets! But with each install we've felt closer to a time when we can open the gallery and welcome our first visitors. We've spent hours discussing what has been and imagining what might be as we work away within this old building. Installing with Tom, I've heard stories of Claremont's past identities - when he used rave in the basement and sleep in the roof, installing with Sara we imagine the exhibitions and events we hope to hold, a new home for Project Art Works and the community we look forward to being a part of.

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Oct 2020 Untitled by George Smith Created during the site responsive residency at the Observer Building

July 2020 Collaborative Works created during Illuminating the Wilderness:

An exhibition, installation and residency at Tate Liverpool in 2019

Feb 2020 The Del La Warr Pavilion by Charlie Thomas

Jan 2020 Birds and Nests by Michelle Roberts

Dec 2019 Untitled Works by Cristopher Tite

Oct 2019 In Focus by members of Tuesdays Accelerate Studio

Sept 2019 Art People Care by Kate Adams

Aug 2019 Untiltled by Sam Smith, Part of Coastal Currents Festival

July 2019 Project Art Works get the keys to Claremont

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