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Gotham Alley

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This is my friend’s and my project down Gotham Alley. My friend Robert Sample was the person responsible for naming the alley Gotham Alley after a chance encounter with the right man working at the Ordinance Survey. The name though disputed was always the affectionate consensus among the artists and graffiti painters who frequented the area. Our studios were the old coach house opposite Bunkuh, called Rose, for over 4 years, before Rock House, before the Printworks. We began running #bunkuh @bunkuh as a cheese toastie and juice bar, organising live music and DJs to play (see videos and photos). We were also involved in the then revival of the Observer Building, managing the art gallery on the first floor as well as the artist studios as well as helping run and organise events at the bar in its second incarnation. After we moved out of Rose Cottage (#XStudios) Xstudios We both shared the penthouse sea-facing floor in the Observer Building as our studio, beautiful incredible space with amazing views but hugely distracting to the actual making of work. That said I had a very formative period of productivity there. Bunkum is dormant now but hopefully will see the light of day again soon. 

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