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Mitternact Book of Poetry

I am a local Artist and Candlemaker. I am a sufferer of Narcolepsy & Cataplexy. I have had two exhibitions at Rock House, the first was a workshop titled ‘The Thrifty Wear Comic Books’ an exhibit to encourage recycling and saving our climate from waste, the second most recent, during lockdown was ‘Through the window, a view of Guyana’, A window exhibit highlighting the people and animals of the Amazon and Guyana, my ethnicity on my fathers side. I also aimed to raise awareness for climate change by adding paper mache animals indigenous to Guyana, each week in the window display.

Since lockdown, I had been working on writing poems and I have just released my first book of poetry, Mitternact, German for ‘Midnight’, relating to a poem of the same title which describes the daily struggle of sleep deprivation at night time for Narcoleptics. £1 from each sale is donated to registered charity ‘Narcolepsy UK’ who I have been an active volunteer for since my diagnosis in 2014.

There are many poems in the book relating to my condition and they were all written here, in Hastings.

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