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'Transformer' High chair

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Stooge Coffee @stoogecoffee

This is our amazing 'transformer' high chair. It used to be in our building when it was Tutti Frutti's tearoom, a few years before we took over. At the time, our customers Jules and Eddie were living above the Printworks with their young family, and used to pop their little ones in the chair on their regular visits to the cafe. When the owner moved out, they kindly gifted the chair to the family, knowing how much they loved it (Eddie is the co-owner of Dyke and Dean so they naturally have an eye for interesting furniture). When the kids outgrew the chair, Jules brought it back to us, realising we needed one. So it's done a little loop of the America Ground!

The chair amuses us – its retro proportions and dual-function are charming... although we've never been able to work out how small arms are supposed to reach the abacus beads!

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