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Residential is a catalogue of two exhibitions that celebrate beginnings and endings. Residential at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (23 September 2023 – 25 February 2024) represented the culmination of a two-year collaboration between the Baltic and Project Art Works but also some of the final acts of Explorers, a seven-year project of art, discourse and activism in the UK and internationally, through which Project Art Works and its partners foregrounded the lives, art and experience of neurominorities. Residential at Copenhagen Contemporary (17 April – 29 December 2024) was a point of departure for the works, new relationships and approaches to the representation of art and neurodivergence in Denmark.


Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists based
in Hastings, UK. Our work embraces personalised studio practice, peer support, films, art actions, installations and exhibitions that disrupt preconceptions about what people can and can’t do, who they are and how they live.


Pre-order Residential and recieve your copy in early August.


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