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Images: Jack Goldsmith | Jack Goldsmith's paintings in the window at 12 Claremont | Skull by Jack Goldsmith | Lucy, Jack, Gabby exhibition poster |

Lucy, Jack, Gabby.

A show presenting the process of three emerging neurodivergent artists


All members of the studio at Project Art Works in Hastings, the three artists’ work is united by careful and often meticulous practices of collecting, researching and reimagining. Mining rich seams ranging from popular culture to natural history, these artists reveal through their practices something about the unique way in which each of them – and each of us – sees the world.

Defying categorisation and disciplinary boundaries, each artist pursues a diverse practice that encompasses varied modes of making.

Jack’s practice includes painting, printmaking and multimedia 3D work; Jack has a strong interest in colour, and works with paint and other materials to express and validate his inner and lived experience. Jack has recently been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England, which will enable him to further develop his skills in ceramics and to build collaborations with other artists and studios.


Exhibitions & Residencies:


Coastal Currents, Project Art Works studio, Hastings, 2022

Lucy, Jack, Gabby, Phoenix Art Space, 4 March – 23 April 2023

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